SCTLD Treatment Dives

Small efforts make a big difference

While Roatan boasts a relatively incredibly healthy reef teeming with an abundance of life, it has recently been threatened by a devastating disease with a rapid mortality called Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD). This disease affects 24 different types of stony coral species and is characterized by rapid tissue loss, leaving just an intact white skeleton where colorful colonies of polyps once thrived.

How you can help

The most successful intervention method currently known for SCTLD is to administer the antibiotic amoxicillin mixed with a marine-safe epoxy to the coral via a syringe. Treated corals are then tagged for future monitoring and re-treatment as needed. In partnership with the Roatan Marine Park and the Bay Islands Conservation Agency, we conduct bimonthly treatment dives at three dives sites that we have adopted for conservation efforts. And we could use your help!

Divers who have demonstrated solid buoyancy control can join these dives and volunteer to administer the antibiotic (as long as you don’t have an allergy!), take photos for data collection or wield a hammer under water to tag the treated corals for future assessment.

Want to know all the ways you can help combat SCTLD? Read more here.

Price: $25 with any proceeds going to the Roatan Marine Park and BICA
Time Commitment: 2 hours
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What's Included:

30-minute volunteer orientation (one time only), equipment rental, volunteer materials and one eco-dive


Advanced Open Water or Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty, demonstration of competency with buoyancy control

PADI certified dive center

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