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RMP Coral Reef Ambassador Program

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The Roatan Marine Park Coral Restoration Project launched in early 2019 with the installation of 20 coral trees at the Seaquest Deep dive site nursery, with the support of the MAR Fund and the help of various local dive shops, including our own. Since then, the coral fragments in the nursery have grown tremendously, and over 300 coral fragments have been outplanted at Chief’s Quarters, the official outplant dive site.

We are supporting the expansion of this program by certifying divers like yourself to volunteer in the coral restoration efforts. Volunteer opportunities include cleaning the trees, performing basic structure maintenance, repairing any damage to the trees caused by storms and surge, and maintaining genetic integrity within the trees. Beyond the nursery, this includes outplanting coral fragments and gathering data related to genotype resistance to disease, bleaching and predators in order to inform future program decisions. The intention is that once the outplanted corals reach sexual maturity in 2-3 years, they will begin spawning and naturally repopulating the reef.

There are two certification levels: Coral Reef Adventurer and Coral Reef Ambassador. Read on below to see which one is right for you!

Coral Reef Ambassador

Price: $200
Time Commitment: 6 hours
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Coral Reef Adventurer

Price: $150
Time Commitment: 3 hours
Become an Adventurer »

What's Included:

Adventurer: Education Session and one training dive in the Roatan Marine Park coral nursery to learn nursery maintenance. Ambassador: Education session, one training dive to the coral nursery and one training dive to our coral outplanting site.

What You Achieve:

Adventurer: Certification that allows you to volunteer with the Roatan Marine Park on coral nursery dives. Ambassador: Certification that allows you to volunteer with the Roatan Marine Park on coral nursery and coral outplanting dives.


Advanced Open Water or Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty, plus demonstration of competency with buoyancy control during a fun dive.

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