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At Sun Divers Roatan, you’ll always feel amongst friends at our little beachside dive shop. And while our vibe is super casual, our commitment to creating the most memorable underwater adventures while you explore diving Honduras, is anything but.

Expect personalized service, curated small group diving to the best of Roatan dive sites, exceptional instruction from highly knowledgeable PADI instructors, and top-of-the-line operations and safety standards.

Oh, and did we mention we have killer sunset views and are neighbors to the most iconic beach bar in town?

Whether it’s your first or your five hundredth dive, we’re making sure you’re making amazing memories.





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Deep Dive

When it comes to scuba diving Honduras, Roatan is a must. The exploration is endless. The beauty unmatched. And the adventure and fun just keeps coming. Check out how to make the most of your Roatan, Honduras travel experience with these interesting articles, travel recommendations and SCUBA diving tips.

When is the Best Time to Dive in Roatán?

You probably think of Roatán as a great destination to escape the cold during snowy winters. And it is indeed a great place to enjoy the tropical weather of the Caribbean in the dead of winter. But, if …

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7 Reasons Why Roatan is Great for Diving

If you’re searching for an unforgettable diving experience, look no further than Roatán. This tropical island offers many reasons for why it’s the perfect destination for divers seeking adventure, natural beauty, and marine biodiversity. Let’s explore the enchanting …

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Do You Need a Wetsuit to Dive in Roatan?

Roatan is a Caribbean paradise known for its scenic and beautiful reefs. Its warm tropical waters attract a diversity of marine life and many divers each year. But are Roatan’s waters so warm that you don’t need a …

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How to Choose From the Best Dive Shops in Roatan

Dive Shops in Roatan are like Starbucks cafes in the U.S.: there’s one on every corner!

Just google ‘best dive shops in Roatan’ and over 50 different Roatan dive centers pop up. Some are boutique operations …

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5 Reasons to Get PADI Advanced Open Water Certified

Are you weighing the cost vs. benefit of getting your PADI Advanced Open Water certification? If so, you’re not alone. When you become open water certified, you’re technically able to do any recreational dive. So you might be thinking ‘why …

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4 Types of Divers Who Should Be Diving Nitrox

Many recreational divers know of enriched air (nitrox), but aren’t familiar with it enough to know if they could benefit from diving nitrox.

The benefit of diving nitrox is that you absorb less nitrogen. So it’s safe to say that you …

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Can You Dive With Whale Sharks in Roatán?

Roatán is definitely a hidden gem of the Western Caribbean. And a true divers paradise. With its vibrant coral reefs, diverse marine life, and captivating underwater landscapes, it’s no wonder that divers love visiting this tropical island time after time. …

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ROA Girls Dive! Scholarship Update

School’s out! And there’s lots of ROA girls blowing bubbles here at Sun Divers thanks to the generous contributions of our dive tribe ??

To date, the scholarship program has supported 4 Discover Scuba Diving experiences, 9 PADI certifications and an …

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The Sounds of Sun Divers: Beach Vacation Playlists

While we only like to hear bubbles under water, we love listening to good tunes anytime we’re not under the waves. Whether it’s feeling Irie to some reggae on a surface interval or getting pumped for a new day …

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DIY: How to Paint Scuba Diving Fins

Add some flair to your scuba diving equipment with these easy instructions on how to paint your scuba diving fins.  

As dive equipment goes, there is not much that you can do to add your own sense of …

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DIY Save-a-Dive Kit

Wondering what a save-a-dive kit is and why you should always dive with one? Read on!

Imagine this: you’re on your dream dive vacation (in Roatan, duh!) and you’re about to dive one of the destination’s most iconic dive spots. You’re …

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Top 10 Restaurants in Roatan | West End

When you’ve got the post-dive munchies, we know which restaurants in Roatan should be on your list.
There is world-class diving in Roatan, adventurous activities, fun night life, and …

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