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Night Dives in Roatan

Dark waters bring magical moments

Night dives offer a whole new and fascinating perspective of the ocean. Many marine animals are nocturnal, so you’ll see octopus undulating in neon colors while they hunt, colorful coral polyps appearing to bloom as they feed and beady eyed red night shrimp seemingly everywhere along the reef. There is also less boat traffic at night, allowing you to not only see the reef in a new way, but to truly hear the sounds of life under the sea.

What Skills are Necessary for Night Diving?

While there’s no difference in your basic diving technique at night versus the day, you will require the use of a torch (underwater flashlight) and need to adapt how you perform underwater signals. Where, what and how you identify marine life will also change based upon the behavior of marine animals at night. If you’ve never done a night dive, we highly recommend that you do the Night Adventure dive or Night Diver Specialty to have the adequate theory and instructor insight to be a competent and confident Night Diver.

Have you seen the String of Pearls?

Perhaps most magical, is the bioluminescence phenomenon unique to Roatan called the String of Pearls. Bioluminescence is the production of light by a living organism. Seen best when there is no moonlight, the String of Pearls fills the night’s waters with an incredible light show that you can swim amongst as if floating through the stars.

‘Okay, but what exactly is the String of Pearls?’ you might be asking. Check out this article, for the scientific explanation

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