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Lionfish Hunting in Roatan

Save the Reef, One Lionfish at a Time!

While spearfishing is generally not allowed in Roatan, there is one fish that’s fair game. Lionfish are a carnivorous fish native to the Indo-Pacific and invasive in Roatan. And with the proper training, Lionfish hunting in Roatan can add a new thrill to your diving.

Known for their voracious appetite, they prey on 50 different fish species – including those that are critical to the marine ecosystem. Their presence can reduce the recruitment of native fish species on a reef by a whopping 79% (NOAA). But there’s an exciting (and tasty) solution to this problem: getting your Roatan Marine Park Lionfish hunting license.

How to Hunt Lionfish in Roatan

A license from the Roatan Marine Park is required to spear Lionfish. This can be obtained by presenting your PADI Invasive Lionfish Tracker specialty certification and paying a license fee. If you have not had formal training, then you can start by attending the Roatan Marine Park Lionfish hunting workshop where you’ll learn:

  • The ecological role of Lionfish and why population control is needed
  • Lionfish behavior and where to find them
  • How to safely, humanely and effectively euthanize Lionfish
  • Special handling precautions (Lionfish are venomous!)

RMP Lionfish Hunting Workshop Requirements

The Roatan Marine Park Lionfish Hunting Workshop takes place on Monday and Wednesday at 4pm at the RMP office in West End, just a 2-minute walk from Sun Divers Roatan. RMP requires at least 3 divers to be registered for the course to take place. Other requisites:

  • Certified Open Water Diver
  • Must bring a BCD, Regulator, Mask & Fins – we provide these free of charge to Sun Divers customers. RMP will provide tank & weights
  • Must watch the RMP informational video below

Best Places to Hunt Lionfish in Roatan

While local efforts have been relatively successful in curbing the population of Lionfish in Roatan, many can still be found across the reef. If you dive with a spear you will usually come up with a few filet-worthy catches. There are areas on the Southside and East End of the island where there are less divers and thus less hunting pressure. These spots can be a haven for hunters – and we’re always happy to take you there! Sun Divers will curate custom Lionfish hunting excursions to spots we know to have high success rates for hunters. Let us plan your Lionfish hunt!

Price: $70 paid to RMP ($10 discount with the RMP bracelet or token)
Time Commitment: 2 - 3 hours
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What You'll Learn

You’ll receive instruction and hands on training that teaches you:

  • The ecological role of Lionfish and why population control is needed
  • What equipment is needed to night dive and how to properly use and maintain it
  • How to plan and conduct night dives
  • How to respond to special night diving situations
  • Night diving techniques and communication

What's Included:

Instruction, license and spear

What You Achieve:

A hunting license that allows for you to carry a spear and hunt Lionfish in Roatan


Open Water certification

*Pricing is subject to Honduran sales tax

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