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Roatan Wreck Diving

Unveiling the Hidden Treasures of Roatan Wrecks

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey into the depths as you explore the captivating world of Roatán wreck diving. Dive into the unknown and uncover the secrets that lie within the sunken vessels. Roatán’s crystal clear waters hold a few treasure troves in the form of wreck dive sites. And these are a true playground for scuba diving adventurers. The two most iconic wreck dives are just a quick trip from Sun Divers and we frequently make them a part of our divers’ itineraries. Let us introduce you to them. And if they’re on your must-see list, let us make it happen.

The Shipwreck El Aguila

Front shot of the Aguila shipwreck in Roatan. Shows divers circling around its fully intact mast on a wreck dive in Roatan.

The shipwreck El Aguila is an impressive 210ft /64m cargo vessel that was intentionally sunk in 1997 to create an artificial reef. This wreck is 110 feet under water (33 meters) which makes this not only a thrilling wreck dive but also a deep dive.

This legendary vessel first sunk on its journey from Puerto Cortes to Haiti. Carrying loads of concrete, it met its demise off of the coast of Utila in the Bay Islands. After attempts to salvage the ship were unsuccessful, it was intentionally partially sunk to avoid further damage.

After it found its home in Roatan, Hurricane Mitch took a toll on the sunken freighter and it is now broken into three pieces. This creates a unique and astonishing ecosystem for scuba diving. As you descend into the depth in the middle of the blue. As you get deeper, a new world comes to light. The wreck on its own is already an amazing sight. But it is accompanied by curious marine life that call the shipwreck El Aguila their home. Groupers patrol along the bow of the boat and the occasional moray eel can be found lurking around. It also has an intact mast that is teeming with sponges and macro life.

The dive doesn’t end there. After exploring El Aguila, you’ll head to the dramatic wall that rises behind it. The wall is full of beautiful swaying soft coral that make the dive even more special. And sharpen your eyes because you just might find the occasional seahorse.

The Shipwreck Odyssey

A women diver emerges from a swimthrough in the shipwreck Odyssey in Roatan.

Prepare to have your mind blown by the sheer size and beauty of the shipwreck Odyssey in Roatán. This

colossal cargo ship is one of the largest wrecks in all of the Caribbean at 300 feet from bow to stern (91 meters). Its grand size offers lots to explore and resting at 110ft/30.5m below the surface this is also considered an advanced dive.

It holds many untold stories within its decaying corridors. Some of which even provide an interestingly angled swim through opportunity. The collapsed cargo area is the length of a football field and while it can take a while to traverse, it is an impressive sight to soar over. It’s hard to put into words how truly incredible it is to glide underwater above such a massive shipwreck.

After a devastating fire in 2002, the freighter was donated by Hybur Limited to Anthony’s Key Resort. A massive effort went into obtaining government contracts, debris clean up and fortifying the ship for divers’ safety.

Today, as you navigate through its hauntingly beautiful remains, you’ll be surrounded by a diverse array of marine inhabitants. Look out for big barracuda hanging around and schools of snappers swimming about.

Requirements for Roatán Wreck Diving

Wreck dives are one of our most popular requests at Sun Divers. And we absolutely love taking our divers to experience these shipwrecks at depth. But to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of wreck diving here, it’s essential to have the right certifications. Because both shipwrecks in Roatán are deeper than 60 feet (18 meters) they are considered deep dives. You must have your Advanced Open Water certification or do a Deep Adventure Dive to go to the depths of Roatán’s shipwrecks. Luckily the study time for the Deep Adventure Dive is minimal and it count toward your Advanced Open Water certification. So don’t let this deter you! Once you meet this requisite, a whole new world of Roatan wreck diving opens up to you.

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